Gurgen Hayrapetyan

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I’m a Software Engineer writing secure and reliable code for distributed and fault-tolerant systems.
I’m skilled in Graph Databases, Real-Time systems, Erlang/Elixir, and Typescript.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science; American University of Armenia.
Non-Degree Program, Computer Science and Information Systems; TUMO Center For Creative Technologies

Working Experience

GRUV (2019 June - 2020 June)

Working as a Full-Stack Engineer, I was employee #2 to work on both the ReactJS Front-End and the TypeScript backend server, building the platform from the ground up.

I was the code-owner of the data layer, architecting GraphDB-backed services to enable community detection and platform personalization.

Vineti (2018 June - 2019 June)

As a Full-Stack Engineer, I worked on building both the user-facing ReactJS front-end using Redux and the Ruby On Rails server using the Trailblazer archiectural pattern.

I was the co-owner of a number of product areas regarding mainly Role-Based Access Control.

GlobalR (2017 March - 2018 June)

I joined GlobalR as an intern, learning about Client-Server Architecture, Network Design, and Server-Side Development with Elixir/Phoenix. After a month I’ve joined the company as a junior Web Developer.

I’ve contributed to the re-building of a domain registry platform, building Elixir/Phoenix backend using the microservice archiectural pattern, while also creating server-side rendered internal front-end tools.

Technical Experience


Squash is a collective of individuals creting FOSS solutions. I’m building and mainting the following projects:


I’m also contributing to a number of FOSS projects mostly related to Elixir/Phoenix and Graph Databases:

Programming Languages
JavaScript/TypeScript: I’ve mostly worked in this ecosystem. I first started using javascript in middle school to build basic interactable websites with jQuery. I was introduced to JavaScript’s Differential Inheritence model and later on learned more about this style of OOP programming by learning Io and Self. Currently I’m mainly using TypeScript for the long-needed type-safety and better developer experience.

Erlang/Elixir: I was introduced to the Functional Programming paradigm by learning Erlang and the early version of Elixir. By {re,un}-learning most of the stuff I took granted with imperative languages, FP made me re-think the way data flows and the way I build my programs.

Ruby: I’ve worked with Ruby at Vineti and other freelance projects. I’ve mainly bult Ruby on Rails web backends and REST APIs. I’ve also used Ruby for some automation scripts.

Basic knowledge of C, Java, Python, SmallTalk.

Extra Curriculars

• +374 (55)094999
Ejmiatsin - Armenia.