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  • Using AWK To Process Huge CSV Files

    Problem I had 38 separate .csv files each consisted of at least 40K lines of data. Overall there were ≥ 2.6 million rows of information. The problem was that the data was not in the ideal form. Each file had 5 columns. One of the columns was called birt…

  • Separate Data Access Layer With TypeScript Powered MicroServices

    TL;DR ArangoDB is a multi-model database supporting Key/Value, Document, and Graph models with one unifying query language. Foxx Microservices are Arango’s way of writing separate data access and domain logic code running directly within the database wi…

  • Setting Up My Personal Blog

    Getting the domain Just like with any other side project of yours, the first thing you do is getting a domain. As a part of my GitHub Education Pack I got a number of options for free domain registration. As I had previously used the services of GoDaddy…

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